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Raani Chocolatier Concern manufactures Professional Homemade Chocolates - Artistry & Designer Chocolates, Pure Chocolates, Vegan Chocolates, Indian Standard Ooty Home-made chocolates, Sugarfree & Speciality Chocolates. We do not produce the chocolates by just melting the Baked Chocolate Bars or Compound Chocolate Bars or Mould Chocolate Bars (90% of the Homemade Chocolates in India are prepared by using these chocolate bars itself as simple). Its wont be called as Pure Chocolates or Professional Homemade Chocolates.

Raani Chocolatier's Production Methodology have the International Standards, Current Technical & Technological Systems, Quality Control Services & Measures(QCS). Our Manufacturing Unit has Chocolate making Equipments & Machineries like Refining Machine, Tempering Machine, Polycarbonate Moulds, Seperate Refrigeration Facilities & Fine Packaging Systems.

Rs. 599
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